Experience the exotic flavors of India and Nepal at our restaurant.

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Indian and Nepali Restaurant

About us
Welcome to our restaurant, where we bring the flavors of India and Nepal to your plate. Our cuisine is deeply rooted in the diverse ethnic and religious groups that call Nepal and India home. We pride ourselves on using an abundance of spices in our dishes, creating a unique and flavorful experience for our customers. One of the defining features of our cuisine is the prevalence of vegetarian dishes. Many of our dishes are made with fresh vegetables and lentils, making them not only delicious but also healthy.

Welcome to our restaurant to enjoy the food with a fantastic terrace and beautiful look outside!

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FAMILY DISH (OuR Special) 1111 Kč
"Food for whole family- 4 meals (Essen für ganze Familie - 4 Mahlzeiten)

Appetizer: Onion Baji, 4x Papudum

Main Dish: chicken masala, chicken crust (or lamb or shrimp +100 CZK), Dal Makhni, chicken rembo, vegetables (pepper, onion, carrot), mushrooms,

Attachment: Attachment: rice, cheese pies, butter nan

Dessert: Gulab Jamun - 4 pcs

Special Couple Dish   666 Kč
Food for two people, Essen für 2 Personen

Appetizer:  Onion Pakauda

Main Dish: lamb nuggets, roasted shrimps, spicy chicken legs, finely spiced chicken nuggets, pork nuggets with a slightly sharp sauce, cake with layers

Side Dish:Basmati rice

Chutney: 3

we are open also in Sunday!
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Mon-Sun :: 11:00-22:00

MON - SUN 11:00- 22:00

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